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Spidey Bond 1ML SAMPLE

Spidey Bond 1ML SAMPLE


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Spidey Bond 1ML SAMPLE


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How to use our Spidey Bond (instant curing and improves your retention) 17ML BOTTLE. For best results pair with our “SPIDER SILK ADHESIVE”. Improves retention up to 30%.

No Fragrance!

1)Dry your clients lashes for at least 3 minutes before application

2)Apply a small amount of bonder to a micro swab and apply to the base of the extensions (one drop per eye)

3)For longer retention apply to both the tops and underneath your clients extensions

4)Do not get in your clients eyes


-Instantly cures your glue

-You don’t have to wait 24 hours to get your lashes wet

-Improves your retention

-Thick glass bottle 

-Never tested on animals


Storage life: 1 year unopened; 1 year opened



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Spidey Bond 1ML SAMPLE